CooperVision clariti

This is a commercial for CooperVision's highly oxygen permeable contact lenses. Reina Kurosaki who is known for her impressie big eyes was used for a commercial. She dresses as an incarnation of contact lenses, and catchily educates the audience about the need for oxygen for the eyes. The "Oxygen Lens clariti" charmingly appeals to the presence. "Oxygen" is expressed through the airy and fresh forest location and the atmosphere of light music.

Creative Director / Planner : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Masashi Matsuda
Art Director : Masashi Koori / Hidekazu Tanaka
Designer : Hidekazu Tanaka
Production Producer:Masashi Handa
Production Manager:Kishu Kimura / Mizuki Haino
Film Director : Michio Machida
Director of Photography : Fumihito Katamura
DIT:Hiroaki Miyoshi
Lighting:Hiroyuki Ohta
Prop stylist : Yuka Ishizaki
Hair and Makeup:Yukari Yamamoto
Stylist:Eiji Takahashi
Music: Masashi Iino
Mixer: Yoshiaki Hori
Location Producer : Fumio Kikuya
Offline-Editor:Satoshi Masami
Online-Editor:Takahiro Uchida
CG : Hiroshi Yanai
Creative Producer : Midori Ito
Client : CooperVision