We designed the creative for LIXIL's functional wall material "Ecocarat". This is the second creative work we developed. With the arrival of the Covid Era, spending time at home has become the center of people's lives, and the need to improve the living environment is increasing. Ecocarat, with its air humidity control, deodorization, reduction of harmful substances, high cleanability, and beautiful design, is a product that makes "home time" a better experience. This creative depicts a family spending time in a space with Ecocarat, and depicts a rich life filled with happy air.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Kenichi Takahashi
Art Director : Hidekazu Tanaka
Designer : Hidekazu Tanaka / Moyu Nagashima
Production Producer:Masashi Handa
Production Manager:Ryohei Tanaka
Photographer : Satoru Takayanagi
Lighting:Kohei Takano
Art Designer : Yuka Ishizaki
Hair and Makeup:Junko Kataoka
Stylist:Mayu Ogawa
Client : LIXIL