Total branding design for the launch of "ellesinca," a premium hair care brand sold exclusively at salons. The concept is women's "beauty" will always evolve. The theme is "alpine plants," which is a characteristic of the product, and the KV was created with the image of strong and beautiful flowers that bloom even in a harsh environment. The product packageing expresses the concept of the four particular scents with photos that seem to have the scent of flowers. All bottles are made of recycled plastic, and packaging and catalogs are made of FSC-certified paper, making it an environmentally friendly brand.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Masashi Koori / Nanae Maiguma
Designer : Nanae Maiguma / Moyu Nagashima / Shunsuke Sato
Photographer (KV): Takashi Suzuki
Photographer(Package) : Fumihito Katamura
Creative Producer : Midori Ito
Client : Pacific Products