We developed the creative for a PC called AERO by hp. The challenge was to convey the product's greatest feature - its light weight of 957g. Since the target audience is young people, we aimed to attract their attention even if they are not normally interested in PCs. By using small and cute animals, we succeeded in impressing people with the lightness of the product as they were absorbed in looking at it. The ads were intended only for the Japanese market, but the power of cuteness transcended national borders, and it was decided to expand globally.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Nanae Maiguma
Agency Producer : Mutsumi Gustavich
Producer : Keisuke Hiratsuka(SUPER SUPER Inc.)/ Ryota Kobayashi (cause Inc.) / Yui Yodoshi (cause Inc.)
Director : Kono Gen(SUPER SUPER Inc.)
Editor : Abe Shun(SUPER SUPER Inc.)/ Kono gen(SUPER SUPER Inc.)
Client : HP