NSK Ti-Max Z990 / Z890

The Ti-Max Z series is the flagship model of NSK, the world leader in dental handpieces. We were in charge of the long-awaited new product's creative and expressed the strongest power and innovation in the category's history. We also conducted cutting speed verification tests, starting with the creation of the experimental equipment. For the three movies, we made effective use of CG and live-action to match each application, making it easy to understand its attraction with a premium feel.
By working closely with the development and marketing departments, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the product features and market needs. As a result, we received offers for the product from regions where we did not plan to sell it, and received positive feedback for our creativity, not only domestically but also from overseas.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Nanae Maiguma
Copywriter : Masashi Matsuda
Copywriter : Shaun Sundholm
CG director : Masahiro Shimamura
Movie director : Yoshihiro Haku
Movie editor : Shinichiro Fujimoto
Web director : Dai Shirahata
Producer : Keijin Go
Account Manager : Miho Morishita
Client : NSK