Philips HOME AED

Film for Philips Home AED ‘Heart Start HS1 Home’. Articulated a realistic situation of a beloved family member suddenly collapsing at home. Lives can be saved by having a home AED. With a straightforward copy saying, ‘Lives (of a collapsed family member) cannot be saved by affection only’, we’ve articulated Philips position of caring for health in daily lives and acute situations.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Kenichi Takahashi
Art Director : Masashi Koori
Designer : Nanae Maiguma / Moyu Nagashima
Production Producer:Masashi Handa
Production Manager:Ryohei Tanaka
Director of Photography : Ken Katsuno
Editor:Keian Riku
Creative Producer : Midori Ito
Client : Philips Japan, Ltd.