Philips Brand Movie

Philips corporate video. Philips, a health tech company that uses technology to solve complex healthcare challenges, from familiar healthcare products to specialized medical devices and beyond. This seemingly difficult question, "Who is Phillips?" is revealed through a story from a child's point of view. It shows that it is actually very familiar to everyone. The main character cannot read "PHILIPS" and mistakes it for "PILIPS". The highlight of the video is her charming way to find "PILIPS" around her, one after another that she never paid attention to before.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Kenichi Takahashi
Art Director / Planner : Masashi Koori
Designer : Hidekazu Tanaka
Production Producer:Masashi Handa
Production Manager:Ryohei Tanaka
Film Director : Teppei Kuroyanagi
Director of Photography : Ken Katsuno
Lighting:Kenta Takahashi
Hair and Makeup:Junko Kataoka
Stylist:Mayu Ogawa
Editor : Yamato Ebihara
Mixer: Yoshiaki Hori
Creative Producer : Midori Ito
Client : Philips