Philips Breeze Mask

Developed the graphic and film for Philips Breeze Mask, the next generation mask with airflow system. Philips Breeze Mask comes with high protection yet easy to breeze airflow, allows you to enjoy sports and daily usage with your mask on. The biggest surprise for us was that it sold out in one day after launching via Amazon. That was the fastest record for us, too.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Masashi Matsuda
Art Director : Masashi Koori
Designer : Nanae Maiguma
Production Producer:Masashi Handa
Production Manager:Ryohei Tanaka / Mizuki Haino
Director of Photography : Atsuhiro Shirahata
Hair and Makeup:Yukari Yamamoto
Stylist:Eiji Takahashi
Editor:Takahiro Uchida
Photographer : Atsuhiro Shirahata
Creative Producer : Midori Ito
Client : Philips Japan, Ltd.