Tinder x Netflix “LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN” vol.1

We planned and produced a collaborative campaign between Netflix's original romance reality show "LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN" and the globally popular matching app "Tinder".
At first glance, the two shows are from different genres, but at their core, they share a common theme: the beauty of encounters. Focusing on the differences in their approaches to this theme, we developed a confrontational advertisement that made it seem as if they were rivals. When we hijacked a corner of Shibuya Center Street with a variety of copy, it created a buzz that exceeded 180,000 likes on twitter and recorded the highest instantaneous diffusion value in Japan.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Moyu Nagashima / Masashi Koori
Designer : Moyu Nagashima
Editor:Ryo Kasugano
Producer : Mutsumi Gustavich
Client : Tinder / Netflix