Tinder x Netflix “LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN” vol.3

"We planned and produced a two-day event in order to conclude the collaboration campaign between Netflix's ""LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN"" and the matching app ""Tinder,"". ""LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN""'s iconic cherry blossoms and bridges become a high quality photo booth and appeared in front of Shibuya 109. After a fight and a reconciliation at OOH, ""Tinder"" and ""Love is Blind JAPAN"" have now completed a cohesive story of bringing people together for a place where they can come together and smile. We are very grateful that so many people came to this time of year and had a great time with their loved ones.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Copywriter : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Moyu Nagashima / Masashi Koori
Designer : Moyu Nagashima
Agency Producer : Mutsumi Gustavich
Producer : Ryota Kobayashi (cause Inc.) / Yui Yodoshi (cause Inc.)
Construction Director : Chisato Hayashi (primal venue Inc.)
Client : Tinder / Netflix