Netflix Film ASAKUSA KID

We took over Asakusa Roku-ku Broadway and Shin-Nakamise Shopping Arcade with "Asakusa Kid" to commemorate the release of the Netflix hit movie "Asakusa Kid". This film is set in Asakusa in the good old Showa period. Asakusa Kid Festival" was held around the French Theater (now the Toyokan), the sacred place of the Beat Takeshi birth story. Banners reminiscent of Yose banners, ad balloons, which are now rare, rickshaws, which are indispensable for sightseeing in Asakusa, and handmade lanterns by craftsmen were used to promote the appeal of the works.

Creative Director : Masashi Koori
Art Director : Hidekazu Tanaka
Designer : Moyu Nagashima / Emiko Kashimoto
Producer : Akinori Otani
Media Plan : Media Concierge Inc.
Client : Netflix